Northern Hungary has so much to offer visitors. Whether it be 1/2 a day around Sirok castle and then on to Blue Mountain, an evening relaxing at a thermal spa or a day exploring the local culture and history, we are able to cater for every need.

All our trips include either one or both of us for help with language, directions, local customs etc.

What's not included are meals, drinks and entry to museums and exhibitions unless otherwise stated as these are at the discretion of individual guests.

All prices are per person and are based on a minimum of 2 people and subject to availability.

Please keep checking back as the site is updated with more information.

 Trip 1

Sirok Castle and Blue Mountain

A walking guided tour up to the 13th century castle ruins built on a rocky outcrop, offering spectacular views of the Eastern and Western ridges of the Matra and the Bukk mountains and also the Slovakian mountains, Sirok and other neighbouring villages. Time is spent here exploring the many tunnels and passageways under the castle. This walk is not suitable for the infirm due to the steep climb to the castle and steep wooden stairs once there. The castle is cureently undergoing extensive renovation.

We then embark on a short drive of around 45 minutes into the Matra moutains.

Blue Mountain is the highest point in Hungary reaching 1,015m high. A drive through the Matra mountains offers beautiful forest views and landscapes. A look out tower is available for a nominal fee which enables you to experience the amazing views across the mountains, towns and villages. There are restaurants and small cafe bars and small stalls selling traditional paraphernalia. Time is spent here to allow guests to wander around and take in the views and enjoy a coffee and snack if required.

Total time approx: 4 hours

Cost: 6,000 huf per person


Trip 2 



 Hollókő (meaning "Raven Stone") is a UNESCO world heritage village in Northern Hungary where past meets present. There are still several houses which are protected buildings with traditional protruding roofs and remain as they were hundreds of years ago. The streets are cobbled and there is also a small church with a wooden tower. The village was the home of the Palóc  people and there is a museum depicting home making lifestyles. The ruins of a 13th century fortress can be seen on the mountain. There are restaurants, museums and handicraft shops for guests to take their time and wander around. At certain times of the year the villagers don traditional dress for festivals.

Total time approx: 5 hours

Cost: 8,000 huf per person




Szilvasvarad is a beautiful village with restaurants, bars and stalls. There is a small prison/torture museum. Included is a train ride into the hills. From here guests can walk a little further to visit a prehistoric cave. Although one can take the train back to your start point, we recommended that you take a leisurely walk back . There are trout farms, a hunting museum and small waterfalls to view as you stroll along the treelined path. You can also take a horse and trap ride to the edge of the valley. A drive can be taken to the Millennium look out tower, again offering spectacular views across the valley.

Total time approx: 6 hours

Cost: 9,000 huf per person

 Trip 4

Mezőkövesd, Szépasszony völgy and Demjén

Mezőkövesd is the home of the famous Matyo embroidery, very typical of Hungary. There is a Matyo Museum showing the decorative handicraft on the traditional dress once worn by the people of the village. A visit to the home of Bori Kisjanko the master of the Matyo embroidery is available to visit along with a walk through the Hadas area showing typical old houses with thatched roofs and handicraft shops of pottery and wooden furniture painting.

We then head back to Szépasszony völgy which means "the valley of the beautiful woman". A tourist area of around 200 wine cellars producing their own wine where wine tasting can be experienced and wine can be purchased by the litre at very reasonable prices. There are restaurants and a few small traditional shops selling paraphernalia.

The guided tour finishes with a trip to Demjén thermal spa. Entry is included in the price of this trip. An outdoor bathing experience in water reaching 36 degrees. The thermal spa's of Hungary are beneficial to skin, joint, breathing and nervous conditions. Pleasantly situated, this thermal spa is open until 2.00am where you can buy something to eat and drink in the small cafe. Drinks can be taken to the pool in a plastic bottle or plastic cup. This is a wonderful experience and a perfect end to this guided tour. Don't forget your swimming costume and towel!

Total time approx: 6-7 hours

Cost: 10,000 huf per person


 Trip 5

Felsőtárkány  and Egerszalók

A drive to the village of Felsőtárkány. A walk around the lake which is surrounded by rocks dating back to 25 million years ago. A narrow guage train ride is sometimes available into the valley.


A large outdoor and indoor bathing and swimming spa built where natural hot thermal springs rise from the ground. Water temperatures reach up to 32 degrees with healing properties to nervous, joint, breathing, muscle and female conditions. There is a restaurant and bar at the spa with sun loungers for relaxing. There are massage rooms and saunas available. There are several different pools for you to choose from for a great relaxing day/evening. Entry is included in the price of this trip.

Total time approx: 5 hours

Cost: 9,000 huf per person


Trip 6 

Lillafüred and Miskolc Tapolca

A drive via the beautiful scenic route to Lillafüred. Views of landscape and forest can be seen along the way. Lillafüred has eating and drinking bars and stalls selling paraphernalia. There is the Palace Hotel which is now a Trade Union home and a man made waterfall which is operational when there is enough water available from the stream. The Lillafüred village is beautiful and is surround by 100 hectares of forest and resembles an olde worlde picture scene of traditional Hungarian homes and museum and shops and bars. There is also a lake and the Istvan caves showing stalactites with names like Jack and Jill, alpine pine etc, etc. the Sandor Petofi limestone cave, named after the famous Hungarian poet. The caves are available with their own tour guides. Archaeological findings date back to the ice age.

Miskolc Tapolca

A drive on to the Miskolc Tapolca cave baths. A beautiful swimming experince built into a cave with urn showers offering a vigorous massage. Several indoor and outdoor pools with restaurants and bars. A beautiful place to see and relax.

Total time approx: 8 hours

Cost: 11,000 huf per person


Trip 7 

Blue Mountain View Mountain House with traditional Hungarian cooking.

A half day stay at our mountain house which offers exceptional views from the edge of the Bukk mountains overlooking Eger. We start the day with a short walk around the top of the mountain, again with spectacular views,  then an afternoon of traditional outdoor cooking in a 'bogrács' over an open fire with two glasses of pálinka included should you wish.

Food, 2 pálinkas per person and soft drinks are included in the price.

Total time approx: 5 hours

Cost: 5,000 huf per person

If transport to and from from Sugarbox House is required please contact us for details and costs.



Eger is the closest large town to Sirok, about 20kms away. With its baroque architecture and bloody history there is plenty to keep guests occupied. Although having the 3rd largest cathedral in Hungary, Eger centre is actually very compact and can easily be walked around.

Visit Eger Castle, Dobo square, shops, bars, restaurants, a town under a town, cathedral, churches, panopticum, museums and lots more. There is also the Strand with outdoor pools and thermal spa with restaurants, bars and stalls.

Please ask for more information.

Please note we reserve the right to alter or cancel details of trips and prices without prior notification